Tips For When You’re Feeling Uninspired

I’m not going to lie- I’ve been feeling slightly uninspired in terms of blogging lately. With all of the excitement and preparation that goes along with finally getting an idea for my first novel (but I’ll talk more about that some other day), it seems that finding things to write on my blog has been getting more and more difficult. If you’ve ever faced a similar conundrum, I’m sure you can relate to how dreadfully annoying it is. After all, if you’re a writer who’s not writing, then what are you? Well, maybe I can’t answer that potentially existential question, but what I can do is offer a few helpful tips to make sure you can avoid this type of situation. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite tips for fighting back against feeling uninspired.


Tip #1: Write down your ideas.


Do you ever have moments where you can’t seem to stop thinking of new ideas? Do you ever curse yourself a few hours later when you can’t seem to remember any of them? Well, an easy (and albeit obvious) way to avoid this unfortunate scenario is to write everything down! Also, try to write down every idea you have, even if it seems silly. You know what they say- no idea is a bad idea. This way, when you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a slump, you can pull ideas directly from your list!


Tip #2: Use the Internet.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I love the Internet. As a writer, I’ve found my computer to be one of my most valuable tools, even when I’m feeling stuck. A simple Google search can provide hundreds, if not thousands, of potential ideas for a new post, article, or whatever else you desperately need an idea for. You can even use sites like Pinterest to save ideas on a board for later (follow my writing board here.) The Internet provides an entire world of knowledge, so make sure you use it to its fullest potential!


Tip #3: Take a break.


Whether it be five minutes, five days, or even five weeks, taking a break from your writing when you’re feeling uninspired can oftentimes be extremely helpful. Think of it as a recharging period. Although not a great method for those who are on a deadline, I strongly believe that this obvious tip is often overlooked. In my opinion, it’s better to come back refreshed with great ideas later on then to try and force an idea when you can’t think of one. So stop staring at that blank page and let yourself refresh!


Tip #4: Read.


Oftentimes, reading other peoples’ writing can help provide you with some much-needed inspiration. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, try picking up that book you’ve been meaning to read! I find that reading focuses your mind while still being a relaxing activity, making it an extremely helpful way to locate new ideas. It could be anything from a newspaper to a thousand page novel- reading is reading, and everything has the potential to provide you with hundreds of fresh, new ideas.


Tip #5: Talk to some writer friends.


Having friends who write is so important. A lot of times, talking to people can give you a brand new perspective on something, which is why having fellow writers to talk to is such a great advantage. I can almost guarantee you’ll find something great to write about in a conversation between two writers. Personally, I’ve found that when I’m with them, it makes me feel twice as (if not more) inspired! So go ahead, talk to your friends! I’m sure they’ll have something great to say.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.16.58 PM

Thanks for reading! Do you ever get stuck? How do you get inspired? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to check out my TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest to stay updated!

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