5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity

Being productive isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially in today’s fast-paced, distraction-filled world. So, I’ve written a list of my top five tips for staying productive for all of the brilliant writers out there who just can’t seem to get things done as quickly and efficiently as they’d like to. Whether you write for a hobby, a job, or anything in between, this list is just what you need to boost your productivity. Because let’s face it- we could all benefit from a little pick-me-up.

1) Make writing a priority.


Trying to juggle writing and other commitments, such as work or school, can be tricky. While it is important to be able to find a balance between the two, it’s also important to make sure you make writing a priority, or it’ll never get done. If you know you want to finish writing 10,000 words in a week, for instance, try to keep outside distractions to a minimum until you’re at the point you wanted to be at. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice things for writing, but it’ll all be worth it once you have that completed first draft in your hands! 


2) Clean Space, Clean Mind.


Make sure your writing space is clear! Your writing station should be a place where you can focus in on your work without any distractions, and it can be hard to avoid being distracted when you’re surrounded by clutter. If you clear your space each day after writing, the mess won’t pile up. Be sure to keep the whole room tidy and organized as well, so you know where everything is and don’t have to spend 20 minutes searching for that one pen that writes smoother than all of your other ones (we all have one.)


3) Reserve time.


Oftentimes, making writing a routine can be extremely helpful to staying productive. Once something becomes a habit, it’s easier to complete without even thinking about it! If you carve out a chunk of your day each day to dedicate to writing, you’ll have a designated opportunity to write freely. Eventually, writing every day at that time will become habitual, which will definitely improve your productivity. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t have to will yourself to do it- it’ll become part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Additionally, you’ll have a clearer mind since you won’t be as focused on the other things you should be doing.


4) Get yourself some cute supplies!


For me, I’m a lot more productive if I have nice supplies. They provide some much-needed incentive to stop watching Bob’s Burgers (it’s harder than it sounds) and start writing! This could just be my impulsive buyer coming out, but I personally feel way more compelled to do work if I have a nice fountain pen or a brand new journal just itching to be written in sitting on my desk. You don’t have to spend a ton of money either- you can find tons of adorable writing supplies at places like Target, Staples, and Amazon.


5) Self-motivation.


Part of being productive is motivating yourself to do the task that needs to be done. If I’m feeling lazy but know I have some writing I want to get done, I’ll use my (very limited) willpower to exit out of Netflix, put down the pint of Ben and Jerry’s, roll up my sleeves, and get to work. A great way to motivate yourself is to print out some of your favorite inspirational quotes and hang them up near your workspace to remind yourself to stay driven. You can find a ton of motivational quotes on my Pinterest that’ll make you want to get to work whenever you read them! Keeping yourself motivated is essential to staying productive.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.16.58 PM

Thanks for reading! What helps you boost your productivity? Which one of these tips did you find most helpful? Be sure to leave a comment below! Also, check out my TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest to stay updated!

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13 thoughts on “5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity”

  1. My favorite tip is the one you suggest having appealing tools. When you actually like the gadget, tools, or workspace your using you naturally feel compelled to work and enjoy yourself more

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  2. Another great post and am in agreement with all five points, though in my case I suspect we can replace the word “Cute” with something else in regards stationery. I read a cool article, cannot recall where, that is kinda relevant to your point on motivation. The author was talking about Motivation, and how it was a difficult/less useful trait to cultivate as it can wax and wane. Their opinion was that Discipline was more important, as discipline is basically independent of motivation/self motivation. I’m not totally against their line of thinking as even the best motivational stuff isn’t always enough, but I’m not sure I totally agree with them either as the difference between motivation and discipline is small. Either way, you covered discipline with scheduling time and setting a priority, so perhaps it is about cultivating both and persevering. Either way, great post. Thanks for sharing


  3. Thanks for this great list. I particularly like 2 (clean desk) and 4 (cute supplies). The trick is to make sure they don’t work against each other! I have a glass mug of colored pencils on my desk. I don’t always use them, but colored pencils can’t help but make you happy. If you like the writer’s tools of the trade…and who doesn’t…you might like this: http://www.wellappointeddesk.com. Write on, Charlotte! ~Steve

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