Why You Should Still Be Going To Bookstores

Ah, yes. Bookstores. Remember those? They were great. But does anyone actually go to them anymore? In an age where everything is digital, it’s hard to keep the bookstores alive. But guess what? We have to. And here’s why. Continue reading “Why You Should Still Be Going To Bookstores”

5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity

Being productive isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially in today’s fast-paced, distraction-filled world. So, I’ve written a list of my top five tips for staying productive for all of the brilliant writers out there who just can’t seem to get things done as quickly and efficiently as they’d like to. Whether you write for a hobby, a job, or anything in between, this list is just what you need to boost your productivity. Because let’s face it- we could all benefit from a little pick-me-up. Continue reading “5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity”

A Writer’s Guide To Art Museums

Writing isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you can get stuck in a serious writing slump. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s okay to get stuck every once in awhile, so long as you know how to get yourself out with a good dose of inspiration. One of my favorite places to get inspired is art museums. They’re the perfect places to pull inspiration from- they have rooms and rooms filled to the brim with decades of history and culture. It seems almost impossible not to get inspired by that!  Continue reading “A Writer’s Guide To Art Museums”

Why I Love Travel Journaling

If you’ve been on my blog before, you probably know that I’m a huge advocate for journaling. It’s a great practice to get in the habit of, especially if you’re a writer. It helps boost your creativity, organize your thoughts, and clear your head of all of the metaphorical “garbage” cluttering your thoughts (among other things.)

When traveling, it can be hard to keep up certain aspects of your daily routine that you maintain at home. Travel journals offer the perfect way to maintain the daily habit of journaling while presenting an alternate type of journal more suited for travel. Continue reading “Why I Love Travel Journaling”